Hydrogen Fueling

CLANTECH is an Engineering Company to develop Complete and turnkey solutions on HYDROGEN REFUELING STATIONS, HRS.

Converting energy from renewable sources into hydrogen via water electrolysis, on-site gas generators produce GREEN HYDROGEN to drive carbon-free emission objectives.

Complete Solution from Hydrogen Production, electrolysers, through Dispensing, Pressurization, Storage, Transport, etc…

High Pressure STORAGE; 300 – 500 – 900 – 1000 bar.

  • Fuel cell cars, FCEV, Light and Heavy Duty Vehicules.
  • Hydrogen stations to supply hydrogen at 350 and 700 bar.
  • Dispensers and delivery under standard SAE J2601. Type A to D.
  • Hydrogen cooling. (T-40).
  • Dispensers with communication to the car.
  • Double or single nozzle in a same dispenser.
  • Accumulation tanks: several possible solutions depending on the mode and maximum dispensing pressure.
  • Solutions in suitable containers. Portable or not.

Special Trucks for Hydrogen transportation.

We are the alternative to the purchase of bottled gas

Discover our SOLUTIONS with all the advantages it offers!