Carrier and Detector Gas in Gas Chromatography

PEM technology: Obtaining high purity hydrogen.

Drying gas automatic system.

Without interchangeable cartridges.

High supply pressures without compressor. (12 bar).

H2 purity: > 99.99995%.

Models for carrier Gas and Flame detectors.

Production up to 1000 cc/min capacity  per unit.

The real alternative to the use of helium as carrier Gas.

Maximum safety of use in laboratories of all kinds.


– Hydrogen Gas Carrier in Gas and Mass Gas Chromatography.
– Hydrogen for Flame Detectors.
– Collision gas in ICP MS and GC MS.
– Processes of Synthesis, Hydrogenation of Fat in Laboratory.
– Connection in cascade to feed a high number of equipment. Centralization of
Hydrogen supply in Laboratory.
– Easy hydrogen always at hand.

We are the alternative to the purchase of bottled gas

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